Margaret uses a psychodynamic approach in conversational therapy and will employ more directive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques when appropriate. Margaret helps clients address immediate concerns first and then works to develop insight and understanding to resolve conflicts. She is always interested in how our early relationships and behavioral patterns influence and get played out in our adult lives. By increasing self-awareness and self-efficacy, clients are able to enjoy deeper, more rewarding relationships in all areas of life.

Margaret has a special interest in working with clients who have experienced a death in the family or the loss of a loved one. For many years, she facilitated a counseling group for NYU students who were mourning a loss. Whether a loss is from an accident, natural causes, suicide or illness, it can be helpful to process all aspects of grief, including anger and despair, in a compassionate, secure environment.

Margaret is trained in clinical hypnotherapy and uses hypnosis to address both specific and more general concerns. Examples of specific concerns include smoking cessation, fear of flying, pain management, insomnia and panic episodes. More general concerns include anxiety and stress-related disorders. Hypnosis may be used exclusively or as an adjunct to psychotherapy. To learn more about Ericksonian hypnotherapy and its uses, please go to the NYSEPH website listed on the Resources page.